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robust adj
1 physically strong [ant: frail]
2 marked by richness and fullness of flavor; "a rich ruby port"; "full-bodied wines"; "a robust claret"; "the robust flavor of fresh-brewed coffee" [syn: full-bodied, rich]
3 strong enough to withstand intellectual challenge; "the experiment yielded robust results"; "a robust faith"
4 rough and crude; "a robust tale"

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From Latin rōbustus, from rōbur, rōbus, "strength", "hard timber", "oak".


  1. Evincing strength; indicating vigorous health; strong; sinewy; muscular; vigorous; sound; as, a robust body; robust youth; robust health.
    • Anthony Trollope (1815-1882)
      She was stronger, larger, more robust physically than he had hitherto conceived.
  2. Violent; rough; rude.
  3. Requiring strength or vigor; as, robust employment.
  4. Sensible (of intellect etc.); straightforward, not given to or confused by uncertainty or subtlety;
  5. (In systems engineering, said of a system) Designed or evolved in such a way as to be resistant to total failure despite partial damage.


evincing strength

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Robustness is the quality of being able to withstand stresses, pressures, or changes in procedure or circumstance. A system, organism or design may be said to be "robust" if it is capable of coping well with variations (sometimes unpredictable variations) in its operating environment with minimal damage, alteration or loss of functionality.

Other studies



Mutational robustness describes the extent to which an organism's phenotype remains constant in spite of mutation.


In biology 'Robust" is used to describe species with a Morphology based on strength and heavy build, the alternative morphology is the 'gracile' body type. For example comparing similar species, rats have robust body types whilst mice are gracile, other such pairs include the leopard and cheetah. Male and females of the same species, may display sexual dimorphism and have robust and gracile morphologies.

Computer Science

An algorithm in computer science is robust if it continues to operate despite abnormalities in input, calculations, etc.


A robust statistical technique is one that performs well even if its assumptions are somewhat violated by the true model from which the data were generated.


In economics, "robustness" defines the ability of a financial trading system to remain effective under different markets and different market conditions.

Decision making

A robust decision is a decision that is as immune to uncertainty as is possible and looks good to all constituents long after it is made.
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able-bodied, active, acute, aggressive, animated, athletic, beefy, booming, bouncing, brawny, brisk, doughty, dynamic, energetic, enterprising, enthusiastic, fit, flavorful, flush, forceful, forcible, forcy, fruity, full of pep, full-blooded, full-bodied, full-strength, go-go, gutsy, gutty, hale, hale and hearty, hard, hard as nails, hardy, healthy, hearty, hefty, husky, impetuous, incisive, intense, iron-hard, keen, kinetic, lively, living, lusty, mettlesome, mighty, muscular, nervy, nutty, obstinate, peppy, potent, powerful, prospering, prosperous, puissant, pungent, red-blooded, rich, roaring, robustious, robustuous, rude, rugged, sapid, sinewy, smacking, snappy, sound, spanking, spirited, stalwart, staunch, steely, stout, strapping, strenuous, strong, strong as brandy, strong as strong, strong-willed, sturdy, take-charge, take-over, thrifty, thriving, tough, trenchant, vibrant, vigorous, vital, vivacious, vivid, well-knit, zestful, zesty, zip, zippy
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